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I am a long-time customer of the Wine Enthusiast ("WE") catalogue/website, however my recent purchase of a N'FINITY 340 Muti Zone Wine Cellar as a Shipping and Customer Service disaster: Ordered 11/28/11; the WE-contracted delivery company arrived at my home 12/6/11 with an 18-bottle fridge (as opposed to my 340-capacity unit) because barcoded address labels were switched in shipping process; WE Customer Care did not follow-up on either of my calls regarding the error; after numerous follow-up calls to 2 shipping companies my two 170-bottle units (which comprised the 340-total-capacity unit I ordered) were located and delivered 12/16/11; BOTH units arrived damaged (door locks engaged on both which required WE Customer Care instruction to resolve; lock on 1 completely broken; door on other visibly damaged inside and out; grills did not fit properly on either); WE Customer Care rep Sal said WE's failure to return calls on my previous shipping inquiries was due to high holiday call volume, but assured quick resolution to problem and a replacement door for the unit with the most severe damage; so we loaded up the fridges with wine only to be informed 10 days later (12/26/11) that WE would be replacing the entire unit with the damaged door…so we had to unload the damaged 170-bottle unit; the replacement unit was finally delivered 1/9/12 but the delivery company did not have an order to take the damaged fridge (an issue which I pointed out to WE rep Sal on 1/5/12 allowing plenty of time to have this corrected, but it was not); today is 1/23/12 and supposedly the same company which delivered the replacement unit on 1/9/12 will finally be picking up the damaged fridge. Our compensation from WE was a $200 cash refund…clearly inadequate for 2 months of dealing with this order, 16 hours of missed work due to the "delivery/pick-up windows" assigned by the home delivery services, and innumerous follow-up phone calls and emails I had to make to move everything toward resolution when WE dropped the ball over and over again.

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